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In their current web-based applications, they have over 2 million monthly users worldwide.

A research case study for Mundijuego's new mobile application

We like to say to our partners and clients — “Do user-centric research at whatever stage you’re in now” — Our collaboration with Tangelo Games is an excellent example that it can be done, and moreover; it can be executed efficiently.

Two days after our first meeting, we were already locked in a conference room with six stakeholders conducting a Design Review for app screens they had previously worked on for their new product. Our objective was to moderate the review by implementing

methods that allowed for a structured, constructive and objective design discussion. By the end of the evaluation, a decision had been reached, and no blood was spilled on the conference table (wink). This initial session also helped to define a scope for the project.

the framework

Tangelo required additional research, the primary concern was the payment funnel for their social casino App. A crucial funnel for their business model, and a major pain for recurrent users of these games. We embarked on an extensive benchmark analysis covering over 10 global competitors. We cross-referenced the payment user flow patterns to the competitor’s market share and yearly income growth, to pinpoint an apparent “success” pattern shared amongst industry leaders. We delivered a report with all findings and wireframes based on our conclusions. A month later the product team had the designs for all main screens ready, and we decided to create a hi-fidelity prototype to conduct an early usability test with real users. The objective was clear, to test and validate main user flows and interactions prior to launch, with enough time for designers and developers to implement improvements.


As is our practice, to better assure product success, each stage was defined to diagnose and collect data points through different dimensions and product’s context of use (behaviour, attitude, qualitative, quantitative).

From the very start, Pixel implemented the tools necessary to make informed decisions and work on our product designs with more clarity and insight.

Oscar Fonrodona, Managing Director at Tangelo Games


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