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Heuristic evaluation

After our debrief meeting, it became clear that there are distinctive user-centric research opportunities for the iVoox application. But before we got ahead of ourselves and think of the future, there was one product need that had to be addressed immediately; the iVoox Android App. For this purpose, we started with a Heuristic Evaluation, a usability test method in which a number of expert reviewers inspect the app to a list of product and design principles referred to as 'Heuristics'. The reviewers identified where the product did not follow those principles and documented usability flaws and potential improvements. Subsequently, we compiled all the data points into a coherent report for the iVoox's team. Each issue was assigned a priority ranking so the team had a clear starting point.


Currently, their product team is working hard to implement the improvements found in the heuristic evaluation. Nonetheless, we have already designed potential next steps for iVoox's research framework. As is our practice, to better assure product success, each stage is defined so that we can diagnose and collect data points through different dimensions and product’s context of use (behaviour, attitude, qualitative, quantitative).

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They have brought forward to our team a much needed scientific approach to product design.

EMILIO MORENO, Chief executive officer at ivoox

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