Increasing the value of human capital.



HUMANSPACE is a decision-making tool for investment scenarios in the workspace, ROI estimates, and identifying the most important workspace features. It increases the value of human capital through predictive analytics to inform workplace strategy. 

HUMANSPACE is based on a solid foundation of scientific studies, using predictive analytics on a growing database of 1 million surveys across 120 countries and 11 industries - and equations derived from 50+ published studies on the effects of office design on human capital metrics. The financial models it creates have a high confidence level for assurance in decision making. Through the use of the tool, you will easily estimate the effects of current or proposed office space capabilities on the financial value of the human capital for employees using that space. It also identifies key workspace, technology and planning features that are most important to work performance and retention for a specific group, or workforce.


Currently Director of the Global Research, Workplace Strategy & Market Analytics teams for Haworth, Inc. At the start of his career, he worked at BOSTI, a firm who pioneered the use of analytics to show how workspace design affects employee performance. Later, he was a professor of Interior Design & Industrial Engineering, at the UW.

Mike developed the tool believing that predictive analytics and machine learning “made easy” could help organisations make better decisions about their office space – based on improving the value of their human capital. At Pixel, we have been collaborating with him for over three years helping him ideate the tool's user experience, brand guidelines, communication pieces and project reporting. Due to a proactive and respectful relationship, trust has been established making Pixel a partner to EB Research LLC, providing our knowledge and support for on-going projects.


Pixel helped us to make our software easy to use, created our branding, app design, and our marketing website. They are so effective because their process integrates an understanding of business strategy, brand, user experience and technology.

— DR. MICHAEL O'NEILL, inventor of humanspace


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