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elrow aims to entertain, provoke and innovate. It single-handedly turned itself into a worldwide show: blending dance, electronic music, impossible sets, outrageous characters, absurd costumes, and audience participation. A place where the magic happens.

We first met in 2015, and the Arnau family was starting to envision their business expansion on the live music scene. At the time, they had a website that worked very well but was used only to sell tickets for a few restricted markets. If elrow was to launch out into the world stage and produce shows across the globe, we had to rethink their online presence to accommodate for a more consistent and accessible audience. All stakeholders were aware that a part of their monetary success depended on selling tickets through their own website, a user-friendly platform that was inclusive and easy for users anywhere. So, the objective was clear and ambitious: to ideate and design an online responsive website that was simple and effective enough to sell tickets to people anywhere. We met with their teams several more times in order to better grasp their business needs for the project, and attempt to align efforts in creating a timeline that was feasible to all.

the framework

The successful execution of this research and design framework lies in its approach. Each stage and sequence was carefully planned to accommodate elrow’s business and product needs. To start with, we collected data from stakeholders in several workshops, learned and recorded what they already knew about their sector and product aspirations. Next, we looked at competitors and related services to get a better understanding of the products available to users. Understanding how industry leaders mitigate the pains and gains of users while purchasing event tickets was crucial. By comparing different platforms we were able to identify successful use-case patterns to inform the design of our early low-fidelity wireframes. Lastly, we placed all our efforts on wireframing and rapid prototyping of the entire site. We conducted several iterations in order to validate architecture, layout, interactions, user flows and content requirements. Allowing us to advance rapidly and efficiently towards our objective. 


As is our practice, to better assure product success, each stage was defined to diagnose and collect data points through different dimensions and product’s context of use (behaviour, attitude, qualitative, quantitative)

We wanted an online platform that was inclusive to all users. Pixel introduced processes and methods that allowed us to fast-track product design and development. Now we sell-out shows around the world from our own responsive website.

Juan Arnau jr, chief executive officer at elrow


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