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A research case study

From the get-go, it was clear that our job was to help ABA's team consolidate their own insights and instincts about future endeavours on their own products. They were not looking for us to identify quick fixes or point at the obvious. Instead, Gino (CTO, CPO) instructed us to embark on a more exploratory research.

Based on the objectives provided, we designed a research framework that was sequential. Each stage had its own timeframe; each stage informing the next with the data points collected previously. By doing so, we were able to collect, identify and corroborate significant data points prior to conducting the Un-focus Group sessions (Liz Sanders, IDEO. 2001). Having the opportunity to share knowledge, to ideate collaboratively, and deepen our insights with real users is an invaluable exploratory experience. Thus, it was imperative for us to be well informed in advance to gain the most out of each session with all the participants. 

the framework

The successful execution of this research framework lies in its approach. Each stage and sequence was carefully planned to accommodate ABA’s product needs and our research objectives. To start with, we collected data from stakeholders, learned and recorded what they already knew. Next, we looked at competitors to get a better understanding of the products available to users. And then we placed all our efforts on the real users. By conducting online surveys, we were able to validate basic findings through a large number of responses, which in turn, helped us get into more detail and depth with the users during the Un-focus Group sessions.


As is our practice, to better assure success, each stage was defined so that we could diagnose and collect data points through different dimensions and product’s context of use (behaviour, attitude, qualitative, quantitative).


It’s definitely reassuring to bring a scientific method into our process. We have been able to validate hypothesis and insights before investing resources into them.

— Gino Micacchi, Chief Product and Technology Officer at ABA English

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